A MY NAME IS... (2016)


Concept/Direction/Costumes: Stefanie Nelson

Original Music: Sahand Rahbar

Stop Motion video: Elisa D'Amico (w/original music Revolving Door by Jonah Kreitner)

Creating Performers: Erik Abbott-Main, Nicole von Arx w/ guest performers Elisa D'Amico and Piero Leccese

A My Name Is… builds upon choreographic fragments culled from memories of heightened moments that consume us. Inspired by the phenomenon of gravity, the piece is set in a space littered with apples. The gestural vocabulary in this dance grows in the same way as one’s language skills develop and disintegrate over time. This work is a reflection on aging and disappearing in relation to memory, movement, words, thoughts, and investigates physical notions of gravity, repetition, disappearance/presence.

Tickets for the NYC premiere at Theaterlab go on sale September 1, 2017.

Preview performances: Castello Angioino Aragonese (Agropoli, Italy) and Piazza San Frediano (Lucca, Italy), July 2016




A very personal exploration of movement.
— Oberon's Grove