Couture Fashion Week
to Sep 9

Couture Fashion Week

Opening of Andres Aquino’s fashion week show.

Opening of fashion show "Tango Cabaret" by Andres Aquino with release of new song by Bing. Video on the screen: "The sixth element" creation, direction and production by Andres Aquino 
Dance: Concept, Anna Khachataryan, Choreography, Stefanie Nelson
Make Up: Ambreen Khwaja, Jack Greener, Annette Bragas, Eser Levi Oha Nyc, Solo Jacqueline Bergill-Gentile, Ashtyn Thurber, Meritt Sheffield Ruth 
Performers: Sarah Zucchero, Debbie Mausner, Falls Kennedy, Matilda Mackey, Nina Peng, Silvia Vrskova
Marissa Jean, Adrianna Aguilar, Micayla Wynn, Bella Tenaglia, Bianca Dam

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