Concept/Direction: Stefanie Nelson

Dancers: Nicole von Arx, Katherine Federowicz, Gierre Godley, Sarah Parker, Hunt Parr, Yin Yue  

Original Music: Jonah Kreitner, Juan Pablo Mantilla, Sahand Rahbar

Additional music: Naught, Dave Nelson, Justin Randolph Thompson

Animations: Jeremy Weichsel

Lighting Design: Andrew Dickerson

The work has received financial support from the Duke Energy Foundation and the Dance Gallery, with additional support through space grants provided by Fuoricentro Sala e Teatro, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation administered through Triskelion Arts, and the New 42nd Street studios.

Inspired by Michel Pastoreau’s book The Devil’s Cloth: A History of Stripes, Oddball Zebra examines the myriad of connotations associated with stripes. The work centers around an archetypal clown, evoking a Middle Ages tradition of zebra-like patterns used to identify outcasts, lunatics, lepers, prostitutes, and entertainers. Juxtaposing the outside and the inside, the background and the foreground, the stripes conjure darkness, danger, and moral ambiguity: a perfect metaphor for continuous change that celebrates failing, falling, and letting go, with pleasure.


The dancers are all fantastic movers, eager to please and quick to action.
— Rachel Rizzuto, Bachtrack.com

slideshow photos: Stephen de las Heras