Choreography: Stefanie Nelson with Massimiliano Barachini

Live Electronics: Andrea Ferrara

Premiere: Fabbrica Europa Festival

Lights: Stefanie Nelson

Costumes: Maria Rosaria Busia

Performers: Massimiliano Barachini, Stefanie Nelson, Andrea Ferrara

The first version of this work was commissioned and presented by the Florence Dance Center (Florence, Italy) for the series Corpo al Corpo, October 2004 (with dancer Francesca Stampone).

Sonic Gestures was made possible by the support of Ongakuaw Studios, The Florence Dance Center, and Company Blu.

In Sonic Gestures, sounds produced by dancers’ bodies and captured live by a stage microphone constitute the point of departure for interplay of improvised movement and sound. Two performers provide the audio material and control the rhythmic flow of music. The constant feedback loop between the movement and its digital representation in sound produces the dance that evolves in peaks and falls – from quick motion, fragmentation, to the cessation of movement and complete stasis.